Yo Galgo. A documentary about Spanish Sighthounds.

YO GALGO is a documentary project about the situation of the Galgos (Spanish Greyhounds) in Spain. If you check the website, you can read in some words what is the problem in Spain with those dogs and why it is urgent to take action. Every year, it is estimated that 50.000 (no, it's not a mistake in the number... 50.000!) Galgos are abandoned or killed in the name of an old hunting tradition... But I will not give more details about this drama here, because here I want to share love and hope, so I want to celebrate the beautiful work of YO GALGO. Doing a movie and taking beautiful pictures about his own rescue dog and also other Galgos, YO GALGO shows us why this breed deserves all our love and respect. Their soul and their body are beautiful and as I always say when I speak about greyhounds : when you look at them in the eyes, it seems like they carry all the drama of the world. And in a way, they do, they carry the drama of their own breed. Let's be aware of this situation, let's spread the message and let's adopt them to offer them a better future. You will see, with such an elegant, loyal, lovely creature in your life, your own world will also be better. ADOPT, DON'T SHOP. And, if you just want to admire their beauty, follow the Instagram account!

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