Martin Usborne. Where hunting dogs rest.

Martin Usborne is half human and half angel. And, as a bonus, he has amazing skills as photographer. How can I write all this in a short version? I just discovered him and his engagement and I could speak hours about it, so fascinated that I am already! He has a beautiful heart and uses his art for an hard cause: animal welfare. These pictures are from a book he published to report about the situation of Galgos in Spain, but he brings it in a really poetic way that we could almost forget the reality (sometimes I wish that all this drama is just a nightmare and that I will wake up...).

Martin Usborne's Facebook Page.

If I speak about him, I have, of course, to speak about his project A year to help: How many animals can 1 man save in 365 days?". Well I think that the title is clear, what can he does, and what can we all do to protect animals, and not only dogs...? I recommend you to check all this, and you can be a little part of this big project by buying books or pictures (some money is given to associations). Personally, I really need one of these black greyhound's portraits, oh, the one looking down is such a beauty, it melts my heart! Totally in love with Martin Usborne's initiative and work. That's what I call a real "monsieur". Merci.

A year to help Website

A year to help Facebook Page.