Phoebe is a 5 years old rescue Whippet, from Hungary. She likes to sleep under blankets and to run free on the wild norvegian mountains, but she hates the rain! And of course, she is the cutest! 

I am Émilie, French Art Director, Artist, and Founder of

IN DOG WE TRUST. But most of all, I am a dog lover at heart. I have them in my veins since ever and especially the Sighthounds. 

Sighthounds are very delicate & sensitive dogs.

They have special needs, emotionally and physically.

At last but not least, one topic that touches me deeply is the adoption/rescue topic:


Too many Sighthounds worldwide, are living a miserable live, being maltreated, used as machines and then killed in cruel conditions.


Galgos & Podencos suffer from this terrible destiny in Spain for the hunting tradition. Greyhounds in UK, USA & Australia for the racing business, etc...


So, as a dog lover, my personal mission is to:

  • spread the message: "adopt, don't shop"

  • bring my help to rescue associations

  • (in the near future, open my own foundation)

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